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  • To Be Online or Not to Be Online? That’s the Problem

    Posted on: 07 - 01 - 2018

    Certainly a limited number of people will be referred to you in person for purchase and these days lot of Customers prefer to visit your website to find out about your products and services, instead of visiting you in person. They will also expect to see your website address and your email on business cards and other promotional materials. So you need an online place to collect your products there.

    Benefits of doing business online

    The many benefits of online business include:

    24/7 global access

    improved client service

    faster delivery of products

    increased professionalism

    less paper waste

    cost savings

    Opportunities to receive inquiries from international customers even after business hours

    Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

    Online business opportunities

    Depend on your business situation and the products or services you offer you may be able to use the internet to:

    Start an online shop

    Communicate with your customers

    Offer services online

    Allow customers to make reservations or appointments online

    Manage your finances, such as online banking, tax and employee pay

    Research competitors.

    Manage your suppliers

    Future opportunities

    Keep in mind that, time for your business is an important as Vitamin C for your body, so you must find easiest and fastest way for constantly evolve your business. Internet can be the key to speeding up this issue.

    When you are planning the online aspects of your business, you should:

    Research your competitors that use online tools

    Decide benefits aspects of online business on your business

    Use latest technology for your website like Designing a mobile version for your website

    Research about laws and regulations that will apply to your online business activities

    Consider your requirements, including what software you need and what types of computer equipment you need to run it

    Find out risks, such as computer viruses, scams, data theft and damage to hardware

    Review your budget to work out what you can afford

    Realize what training you or your staff might need

    Be realistic about the time and budget you will need to manage the online aspects of your business.

    Oops… lots to do, it seems so hard to design an individual business website.

    Is designing a website the only solution to developing business on the Internet?

    Cooperation, the keyword of success in today's busy world. These days, when competition is fierce and you can’t afford to compete on price alone, a partnership may be a smart business move. Online partnerships happen every day, when Company A has something valuable to offer Company B wherein both businesses benefit and grow as a result.

    But how can you leverage these kinds of partnerships to grow your own business goals? Let’s take a closer look at this issue and find a way to know how businesses can use the power of partnerships to boost their bottom line.

    Before we speak about B2B websites, the easiest way for businesses to introduce their services online. (For extra information about B2B websites please check here).

    Expertise in the modern world comes first. Maybe you can launch a website by spending some money for your business, but it certainly takes a long time your website to be known and you can use it professionally and usefully.

    When you can take advantage of the existing good-will and industry-leading name recognition of an existing brand far easier than trying to establish your own store independently, it makes sense to piggyback on that brand. This is why many publishers and online stores take advantage of Amazon and Google Shopping as an additional outlet for their merchandise. Big name online brands have far greater reach and exposure, so why compete when you can cooperate?

    Okay, all business owners please pay attention, I want to suggest you to use Proimexers (Professional importers & exporters).

    PROIMEXERS.COM is an online global B2B marketplace so it can connect traders, importers, exporters, buyers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors from worldwide.

    In fact, PROIMEXERS.COM has some plans to grow up this relationship between two business owners.

    For extra information about B2B websites please check here.


    What work does PROIMEXERS.COM do for customers?!

    You can list an unlimited number of your product on

    You have unlimited access to Latest Buy Offers.

    Our SEO and Internet marketing teams will carefully follow your marketing efforts. will do marketing for your products any time.

    You can receive inquiries from international buyers even after your business hours.

    You can establish long term business relationship with global buyers.

    Convince your customers more easily by showing your catalogues and banners.

    You have access Latest Buy Offers.


    Other benefits that you get from B2B website:

    Now mobile phones are an integral part of our life, perhaps one day, be introduced as a body member because there may be some people who use their mobile phone more than their legs. So mobile phones can help us sufficiently in business. There are plenty of mobile commerce providers on the web, all promoting a near-instant, beautifully-rendered mobile version of site. By being member of a B2B e-commerce website you can use easily in your mobile phones. Also your customers can easily check your information there on mobile version of your account.



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  • What is B2B | Learn the Difference Between B2B Sales and B2C Sales

    Posted on: 27 - 12 - 2017

    Business to business, also called B to B or B2B, In order to define B2B, B2C has to be defined. B2C is shorthand for “business to customer.” These are two very different business models, B2B, is a type of transaction that exists between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. B2C is business or transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services. B2B stands in contrast to business to consumer (B2C) and business to government (B2G) transactions.

    In addition to B2B & B2C, There is another division for different types of e-commerce businesses, which includes:

    C2C - consumer to consumer

    C2B - consumer - business

    B2E -Business-to-Employee

    B2G -Business-to-Government (Business to Administration or B2A)

    B2M -Business-to-Machines

    B2M -Business-to-Manager

    C2G-Citizen-to-Government (also known as Consumer-to-Administration or C2A)

    G2B -Government-to-Business

    G2C -Government-to-Citizen

    G2E -Government-to-Employee

    G2G -Government-to-Government

    M2C -Manager-to-Consumer

    P2P -Peer-to-Peer


    Some Reality Examples of B2B Sales

    Of course the best example for B2B Sales is automobile industry. Many vehicle components are manufactured independently and auto manufacturers purchase these parts to assemble automobiles. Tires, batteries, electronics, hoses and door locks, for example, usually are manufactured by various companies and sold directly to automobile manufacturers.

    Service providers also engage in business to business transactions. There is some companies just work for others to improve their business. Like Marketing Company or Business Development Consultancy.

    On the other hand there are some businesses can be classed as both B2C & B2B Insurance is good example for this case.

    Most insurance company activity would be classed as B2C, including car, house & store for individuals.  However, property developers, ship owners and big businesses have specialist needs and will employ risk managers to liaise with their insurance companies for keeping the insurance cover at appropriate levels at all times.  And this is where the B2B relationships comes in.


    B2B ecommerce

    The result of the digital revolution is the internet. The internet provides a robust environment for a sector known as B2B e-commerce. By leveraging online platforms, businesses can sell directly to other companies, as well as share data and pertinent information about products and services easily and quickly. When it comes to B2B e-commerce in particular, there are some major categories.

    Company websites

    The target audience of many company websites is other companies and their employees. Company websites allow interested parties to learn about a business's products and services and initiate contact. Some company sites sell directly from the site, effectively e-tailing to other businesses. We should notice that company website can serve as the entrance to an exclusive extranet for customers or registered site users, or as an intranet for internal use only.

    ·Online Marketplace or Auction Site

    These sites are hosted platforms that bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions. Participation on one of the sites often provides an efficient way of finding a customer without the expense of building a proprietary transactional website. Types of sites include auctions, sites for local artisans, sites for retailers and wholesalers and matching services.

    They’ve known as e-procurement sites, some of this class of websites serve a range of industries, while others focus on a niche market. In fact these are exchanges in which a company purchasing agent can shop for supplies from vendors, request proposals and even make bids for purchases at specific prices. It is just like what group do for their users. This B2B website provides an environment for businesses to exchange product supplies and procurement.

    Specialized or vertical industry portals.  Although Vertical portal sites may support buying and selling, but they have a broader purpose than procurement sites. These portals provide a "sub-web" of information, product listings, discussion groups and other features.

    Brokering sites. Main purpose of these sites is to act as an intermediary between providers and potential customers that need their specific services, such as equipment leasing.

    Information sites. The final category is information sites which provide specialized information sites on specific industries for companies and their employees. These specialized search sites are often used as trade and industry standards organization sites.



    We should mention this point that, Many B2B sites fall into more than one of these groups. Models for B2B sites are still evolving.

    Our sources

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  • Looking to buy or sell Miscellaneous Metalworking Machine-Tools

    Posted on: 21 - 11 - 2017

    Miscellaneous Metalworking Machine-Tools is the 269th most traded product and the most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

    The top exporters of Miscellaneous Metalworking Machine-Tools are Japan ($2.89B), Germany ($2.78B), Italy ($726M), the United States ($674M) and South Korea ($525M). The top importers are China ($2.82B), the United States ($1.31B), Mexico ($640M), Germany ($558M) and Italy ($378M).

    Miscellaneous Metalworking Machine-Tools is also known as metal carbides.

    Miscellaneous Metalworking Machine-Tools is a 4 digit SITC product.


    Editor: Proimexers

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  • Welcome to Proimexers, a young B2B website!

    Posted on: 23 - 07 - 2017 gives us a unique opportunity to work on our new ideas about modern Business Marketing, also this website has provided a good place for Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturing Companies, B2B Market and Service Providers and everyone to interact with all of business persons from all over the world! So Professional importers and exporters can enjoy this marketplace.

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  • The Development of B2B E-Commerce

    Posted on: 03 - 01 - 2017

    The implementation of inter-organizational systems like business- to- business e- commerce (B2B ecommerce) is being categorized as a system with high degree of difficulty since it involves complexity of the multiple relationships and interactions between trading partners. Companies need to consider their own strengths and weaknesses before making decisions to explore new B2B ecommerce without weakening the existing traditional marketing channels. The main aim of this paper is to generate understanding on the development of weighting score of internal and external barrier indicators which impact the B2B e- commerce development of the Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in agro- based industry. The analytical process hierarchy (AHP) has been used to establish ranking so that key elements can be determined. The AHP is used due to the fact that its utility outweighs other research methods in terms of providing a more accurate and consistent judgment. Thus, companies able to identify their readiness level for implementing B2B e- commerce and every aspect needed to improve themselves before implementing the applications.


    (Janom, Norjansalika & Mohd Shanudin Zakaria,2010)

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